How Does Freight Invoice Factoring Work?

Factoring your invoices with Trucking Partners is a simple and straight-forward process. We make it super easy for you to factor invoices with us.  Here’s how it works:
  • 1. Check Credit

    Don’t forget to verify your customer’s credit with us before you move any freight. This will minimize risk and exposure. Free credit checks are included.

  • 2. Handle Load

    Your customers will likely be a broker or a shipper.

  • 3. Send Paperwork

    Upload your freight bills to us. We will prepare the invoice for you. Freight bills should include all of the pertinent load attachments, i.e. signed BOLs, rate confirmations, scale tickets, lumper receipts, etc.

  • 4. Get Paid

    Once we receive your shipping documents, we will fund you the same day. Unapproved customers, incorrect load attachments, shipment shortages and/or damages, and rate changes could slow down the funding process.

  • 5. Invoices are sent to your customer

    After we fund you, we will then send invoices to your customers. All invoices are mailed or submitted to your customer the day we fund you.  Our collections efforts begin soon after we submit your invoices. You will have online access to the status of all your open invoices.

  • 6. Your customer sends payment to us

    The process is complete once we receive invoice payment from your customer. We’ve found the typical turnaround time for invoice payment is 30-45 days. Any short paid or unpaid invoices may be offset against your future invoice submissions.

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