Fuel Card & Advances

Helping Grow Your Business

Trucking Partners helps your business grow by providing many additional services you need. Although we are best known for our freight invoice factoring services, we also offer fuel cards, fuel advances, back office solutions, 24 hour web portal access, and more.

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are an easy way for trucking companies and owner-operators to monitor spending and control costs. Here are a few benefits from enrolling in our fuel card program:

Fuel cards are available for free to our factoring clients. Once your enrollment process has been completed, your fuel card will be in the mail the following day.

Fuel Advances

Fuel advances are another key advantage to factoring with Trucking Partners. All factored loads are eligible for up to a 40% advance upon load pickup. Make certain you’ll always have cash on hand to take advantage of new opportunities.

Back Office

We offer a variety of back office solutions including free credit checks, free invoice preparation, collection services, and online reporting. Many young companies struggle with finding the right solutions for their small businesses. Trucking Partners provides an integrated administrative solution. Call us today and let one of our qualified business specialists assist you in choosing the right services to help get your business on track to greater profitability.

Web Portal

To keep track of all of your factored transactions you can monitor your account with us via Trucking Partners’ online web portal 24/7. We understand it’s important to keep up with where your money is! Our cloud-based factoring software enables you to generate most any type of report needed. However, if you ever have any questions, we will be happy to assist you by phone or email.