Working Capital

Cash Flow Solutions​

By TP Financial
(a div. of Trucking Partners)
Get funding today for the product or service you delivered yesterday. Through invoice factoring, a small business or staffing firm can convert its receivables into immediate working capital, without waiting several weeks for its customers to pay. This puts the time, cost and effort of collection into the hands of a factoring company like us, giving you the time you need to concentrate on growing your business.

Payroll Funding

TP Financial offers a unique type of invoice factoring called payroll funding, which is tailored to staffing firms. With payroll funding, you sell your invoices to us and then begin receiving weekly advances to pay your temporary employees. If you are a staffing agency, utilizing payroll funding gives you access to cash flow for daily operations and bringing on new accounts. Get the funding you need to manage and grow your business!

Small Businesses and Manufacturers

TP Financial helps unlock the cash within your business by speeding up your accounts receivable instead of waiting 30, 60, or even 90+ days to get paid from your customers. With the infusion of cash, you can expand your business, take advantage of early payment discounts from suppliers, or purchase that piece of equipment that could take you to the next level. TP Financial is happy to discuss with you and see if factoring could be the answer that frees up cash within your business so you can reach your full potential.